Safety optimization of the looping carriage on the BMI icopal fleece feeding system

22 October 22

Objective of the revision:
Improve personnel safety on the sling car, which travels vertically, for:

1. Maintenance work
2. Access to the safety cell during normal operation.

Current condition of the system:

  • Enclosure is in place to protect the access area with safety-related feedback.
  • Current safety standards are lacking for interlocking the vertical movement of the sling car when a person is in the enclosure.

New Safety Devices:

1. Perforated rail installation:

  • Perforated rails are installed on the frame structure of the guide tubes with the counterweights
  • These are located both on the operator side and on the rear side.

2. Guide carriage equipment:

  • The carriage is completed with a bracket
  • Pneumatically actuated, spring-returning cylinders are integrated.

3. Locking mechanism:

  • After activating the existing query and passing through a sequence of steps defined in the software, locking pins lock the position of the loop carriage.
  • Safety sensors detect and monitor the position of the extended locking pins.
  • As soon as the locking pins reach their safety position, access to the enclosure is released

The main focus is to ensure the highest safety standards for personnel during maintenance work and regular operation. All implementations and modifications follow the latest requirements and standards regarding machine safety.