Installation storage tanks BMI icopal

22 November 22

Werne – The further development and modernization of BMI Icopal’s Werne site is taking concrete shape. Recently, the delivery of five state-of-the-art storage tanks for the new tank facility was successfully completed.


Four of the tanks are specially designed for the medium bitumen. Each of these tanks offers a filling volume of 100m³. The tanks are remarkable for their innovative insulation and special integrated electrical heating. This equipment ensures that the bitumen always remains in optimal condition.

The fifth tank has been designed for flux oil and is equipped with a double wall, at a capacity of 30m³. This double-walled construction ensures additional safety and reliability for the medium stored in it.

The installation of these tanks, each with a total height of 16 meters, was no small task. By using two cranes, they were safely and precisely positioned at their intended installation site. Once the tanks were securely in place, the walkway for access was installed.

With the tanks now securely in place, BMI Icopal is starting the piping. The next steps will involve connecting the tanks to the pumps to ensure smooth and efficient use of the new facility.


The investment in these modern storage tanks underlines BMI Icopal’s commitment to technological advances and operational efficiency at its Werne site.