Revamping crane application

Modernization crane system

A Kolene plant ensures the final cleaning of the fine structures of castings in a foundry.
For this process  the corresponding castings were collected in baskets and successively dipped in different chemicals of up to 480°C for a certain defined time period.
This plant processes several baskets simultaneously by moving them from station to station with two electric cranes.

Offene Traverse

Bromkamp has realized such a project as turn key supplier.

The mechanical and electrical scope comprised:

  • Delivery of a wet dedusting system
  • Replacement of the hydraulic system
  • Delivery of a preheating furnace
  • Replacement of the cranes with adaption of steel construction
  • Replacement of gas burners including renewal  of gas and air piping with state of the art instrumentation
  • Safety Engineering including risk evaluation, -documentation and –validation
  • Delivery of new safety equipment
  • Renewal of the entire electrical equipment including cabling
  • Entire mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Erection and commissioning during a 2 week summer standstill