Mineral wool industry


Mineral wool industry

Bromkamp is busy with mineral wool plants more than 25 years.
There is experience and realized projects referring to the entire process chain; from melting up to final packing. See in detail:

  • Cupola- SAF furnace technology incl. charging as well as afterburning of exhaust air
  • Spinner
  • Binder technology
  • Collecting chamber
  • Line transmission hot end
  • Curing oven including afterburning of exhaust air
  • Cutting systems
  • Line transmission cold end
  • Stacking and packing systems

Furthermore turn key project incl. the mechanical equipment were executed refeering to the following areas:

  • Curing oven including afterburning of exhaust air
  • Pipe section plant
  • Slabline plant
  • Dedusting plants